Key workshop distributors rewarded by DENSO with a trip to Thailand

15 December 2017 | Article

Distributors who topped the ‘DENSO Rewards’ incentive ended a successful year with a once-in-a-lifetime trip across Thailand.

DENSO In Thailand

Eleven customers, who were the top performers of DENSO’s Reward incentive, were invited on a week-long trip to explore Thailand, including visits to Bangkok, Phuket and DENSO’s own Diesel factory in Thailand’s capital.

The trip was a prize linked to DENSO’s summer promotion, which gave distributors sales targets to achieve for products across the DENSO range. Prizes ranged from £300 worth of vouchers to a luxury racing day, as well as the coveted trip to Thailand, depending on sales success.

After flying out to Bangkok on Sunday 19th November, the group spent the first two days exploring the sights of Bangkok by a range of transport options: visiting the Grand Palace and canals by speed boat and getting lunch via Tuk Tuk.

Siam DENSO Manufacturing (SDM) Factory

On the Wednesday, the travellers were taken to the award-winning Siam DENSO Manufacturing (SDM) factory, where they were given an in-depth tour of one of DENSO’s most advanced production facilities which spans across a 206,000 m² site. Opened in 2002, the factory now employs over 3,500 workers and is the third largest producer of Common Rail Systems, and the largest Diesel Common Rail factory in the word. It produces 3rd and 4th generation systems and by the end of 2017 will have produced 138,000 units, 83,000 of which will be 3rd generation systems and 51,000 will be 4th generation systems. During the visit to the impressive facilities, the customers had the opportunity to meet with the Factory President Mr. Yasushi Nakamura & Vice President Mr. Tatsuaki Hiratani who gave them a tour of the impressive facilities.

Whilst they were given a tour, the group learnt about the strict set of principles which the factory owes its success to:

  • Efficiency - the production line is built to be as efficient as possible by ensuring operators carry out minimal amounts of movements whilst working, increasing the speed with which they can produce parts. For example, instead of rotating a part in their hands, the production line is fitted with small rotating stands where the part can be rested and modified.
  • Continual Improvement - the factory efficiency is, in part, driven by the factory staff who actively contribute ideas which aid in quality and production line improvements. Within the factory a room is used to accommodate staff who think of new ideas for their factory where the staff have access to mock-up production lines which can help illustrate where they think improvements can be made. When an idea is successfully implemented, it is then shared across the other 3 factories producing the same products (in Japan and Hungary). To motivate the staff and encourage them to participate in the quality and production improvements, the factory runs a number of incentives throughout the year.
  • Cleanliness - Integral to the smooth-running of the factory is a clean environment, kept free from dust or particles which may damage the production line. To ensure particles don’t enter from the outside, the production line is protected by a glass wall. Furthermore, all people entering the building must change their normal shoes into indoor shoes.
  • Pride - Taking pride in your work is an important notion in Asia, which is why the factory continually reminds employees of the importance of the work they are carrying out. The factory displays large posters of cars fitted with DENSO parts around the premises to remind workers of what the parts are eventually used in, and what their work is contributing to.

SDM Factory

The trip ended with a two-day excursion to Phuket, which saw the group enjoy a stay at a local luxury resort and a unique excursion via speedboat and sea canoe to Phang Nga Bay – an iconic location and the setting for James Bond’s ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’.

Fatiha Laauich, Marketing & Communications at DENSO Sales UK, commented: “The recent Reward incentive proved to be a real success, and something that our distributors embraced fully from the outset.

“With the Rewards programme, we wanted to show our distributors that their loyalty and business is what we value the most. We are also very proud of our production facilities and we love to share this with the very people that sell our products in the marketplace. We are aiming to do more of these initiatives in the future.

Scott Maul, Operations Manager at Colchester Fuel Injection and a participant in the Thailand trip said: “We were made to feel welcome and entertained literally right from the start to the very end. A great mix of people made the whole trip a fantastic experience.”

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