DENSO wiper blades guiding customers through winter weather

18 January 2018 | Article

Experts in blade maintenance and technology, DENSO offers wiper servicing tips to help workshops benefit from a winter windfall in sales.

Hybrid Wiper Blade Product & Packaging

With shorter days and freezing temperatures, it is crucial that drivers use high performing wiper blades on their vehicles in order to ensure a safe field of vision on UK roads. Unfortunately, not all drivers will know the warning signs of poor or damaged wipers so it is key that workshops are able to spot the signs of problematic wipers during vehicle servicing, and offer high quality wiper blades as replacements. If workshops can effectively advise drivers, they can help contribute to the general safety of UK roads whilst offering customers an excellent service. As one of the leading OEM and aftermarket manufacturers of Wiper Blades, DENSO offers an insight into how workshops can best serve drivers in a notoriously hazardous season for road-users.

Replacement and renewal

Key signs that wiper blades are not performing on the road are easy to spot. A Streaky clean indicates that there is dirt on the wiper, or that is has been worn down, indicating a replacement is needed. A Stuttering wiper is another sign of blade degradation. Wipers that leave Dirt on the windshield aren’t safe, as they point to the wiper rubber having been degraded. Finally a Poor-Surface Hold whereby a wiper unevenly touches the windscreen suggests that the wiper may be completely bent out of shape and will need replacing.

Now you know there is a problem with the blade, the next step is finding and fitting a new replacement. DENSO make this part easier than ever for workshops. With a 92.5% European car parc coverage, DENSO blades cater for all the key car brands. The OE supplier has also updated its wiper blade catalogue to contain updated part numbers as well as easy to follow fitment diagrams.

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Product Highlight: Hybrid Blades

Choosing a quality replacement part is an excellent way to maximise winter sales whilst gaining a reputation for great customer service. In many cases DENSO Wiper Blades can offer the solution.

As a vital piece of safety kit, the benefits of using more advanced Wiper Blades can be potentially life-saving.

DENSO’s flagship Hybrid Blades feature advanced technologies to produce high performing, aesthetic and unobtrusive wiper blades for drivers. A rigid graphite coated rubber blade helps deliver a smooth, non-streak clean, whilst its advanced vertebrae supports superior surface-holding capabilities, ensuring a smooth wiper motion.

Hybrid Blades ensure drivers will be safer on the roads for longer, whilst being assured that their workshop stocks high performing products.

Find out more

Further details of DENSO’s product range are available online at, on TecDoc or from your local DENSO Aftermarket sales contact.

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