Igniting life into winter sales

18 January 2018 | Article

For the hundreds of motor factors around the UK, the winter sales period can make or break a successful year, particularly with shifting the most seasonal of products. As a leading manufacturer of aftermarket Spark Plugs and Glow Plugs, DENSO explains how motor factors can boost sales of the small-but-mighty part.

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The winter servicing period can define a year for motor factors, particularly when about it comes to sales of ignition components. Spark Plugs and Glow Plugs are integral parts, but are often overlooked during routine servicing and consequently are often the most vulnerable to faults in extreme winter conditions.

As the temperature drops, issues and faults with Spark Plugs and Glow Plugs will steadily become apparent, and motor factors can get a significant sales boost from this spike in replacement ignition parts if they follow just a few simple rules.

Be prepared

While many workshops will have already stocked up ahead of the winter period, it may be tempting to adopt an ad hoc approach and attempt to fit around demand as it comes. However, the season doesn’t grind to a halt after Christmas. In fact, 80% of replacement glow plug demand occurs between September and March, making it vital for motor factors to keep stock levels of ignition parts high throughout the whole period to ensure they can capitalise on the entire period.

Be up to the minute

The phrase “old but gold” is often true, but not when it comes to the vital ignition components that factors stock during the winter months.

It’s simple but fundamental: make sure you’re offering ignition part numbers that are up-to-date. It’s important throughout the year, but even more essential during these busy winter months when workshops are ordering in even bigger bulk.

In spite of a recent slowdown in new car sales, the recent boom years and the popularity of nearly new and used cars means distributors that stock the latest components have a significant sales opportunity. With petrol systems advancing apace, offering workshops up-to-date components with a breadth of modern applications will help them to reap the financial rewards.

This mantra is one of the main reasons DENSO has found such success in the aftermarket. With product and catalogue updates as recently as November, factors and workshops alike know that by stocking DENSO parts means they can support a wide range of customers and vehicles.

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Stock quality

Replacement ignition parts need to be able to withstand the winter period too, and workshops fitting replacements that break in a matter of weeks or months will soon be coming back to the factor they bought them from.

Happy motorists means a happy workshop, and a positive outlook can make a world of difference to how motor factors do throughout the year, but even more so during this crucial winter sales period. Replacement spark plugs and glow plugs need to be manufactured to a level of quality that ensures they will excel during the winter period and beyond.

Able to perform more reliably for longer, built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, and designed to produce improved fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions; factors investing in high quality spark plugs and glow plugs will gain some satisfied workshops, and help their chances of fostering longer-term customers beyond the winter servicing period.

Find out more

Further details of DENSO’s product range are available online at www.denso-am.co.uk/, on TecDoc or from your local DENSO Aftermarket sales contact.

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