Driving diesel engine efficiency with DENSO i-ART technology

24 April 2018 | Article

Advanced fuel injection system is optimising diesel engine performance and reducing emissions.

I -ART Technology

In 1893, Rudolf Diesel lent his name to his latest invention, a ground-breaking new combustion engine that would replace steam engines and help kick-start the automotive revolution.

Now, diesel cars represent a staggering 39% of the UK car parc. While petrol, hybrids and, more recently, electric engines have proved popular, diesel continues to provide the unrivalled engine efficiency critical for the long-haul driving that many motorists and businesses rely on.

As industry innovators develop more advanced technology, diesel engines have become increasingly efficient, and the trend is set to continue. DENSO remains firmly at the forefront with its world-first i-ART technology that helps deliver optimal fuel injection control to diesel engines.

When it comes to the Common Rail System, most diesel fuel injectors feature a fuel sensor outside of the injector which monitors both the fuel amount and its injection timing. DENSO has bucked the trend, developing the i-ART - a fuel injector containing a miniature sensor inside to monitor its activity.

I -ART Gif

The i-ART innovation is a self-learning injector fitted with its own micro-processor which can accurately measure the fluctuation of fuel pressure and temperature within each injector. In a diesel engine, fuel injection can occur up to 1,000 times per second, yet DENSO’s unique miniature pressure sensor is so precise it can accurately measure the fluctuation with 100,000th of a second precision – the equivalent amount of time it takes a Formula One race car travelling 300 km/h to drive one millimetre. This gives the injector optimal control over its fuel injection quantities and timing.

The technology has paved the way for a truly intelligent diesel engine that can offer a cleaner, quieter and more fuel-efficient drive than ever before. i-ART has already become an component to some of the largest manufacturers in the world, including becoming a key selling-point for Volvo’s eco-friendly Drive-E engine, which boasts the highest engine output and fuel efficiency in its class.

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