Life & Energy

DENSO is world-renowned for its car parts and systems – but did you know that the company also develops a wide range of advanced technologies for home and industry?

DENSO’s Life&Energy New Business Development team is focused on leveraging  DENSO’s advanced automotive technologies and systems into innovative new products for expansion into non-automotive industries. Life&Energy NBD mission is to bring to reality DENSO’s long-term plan to 2020 “protecting lives, preserving the planet, and preparing for a bright future” by introducing innovative products that will contribute to the environment and enhance comfort for daily life.

DENSO invest 9.4% of our consolidated sales in R&D activities, which demonstrates the focus on continues development of next generation technologies.
Although non-automotive products today account for around 2% of DENSO Corporation’s global revenue, there is a high passion and ambition to grow this business area in the coming years.

By capturing the creativity of over 120K DENSO associates globally, DENSO sketches a Future Society for every region.  
With a focus on eight (8) new business domains DENSO creates new solution concepts for next generation needs/demands
These solution concepts to be materialized into innovative products and services to meet the needs for daily life.

Key growth enablers are:

  • Close customer intimacy and long-term relationships
  • Having synergy effect by using the existing advanced automotive technologies for Non-Automtive developments.
  • DENSO global presence to manufacture products and to provide services to our customers anywhere

One of today's examples is an Energy-efficient / renewable residental CO2 heatpump > more information

Another design “break- through” is the DENSO Patented ‘Ejector Cycle’ technology, which optimizes the compressor efficiency. It recovers energy normally lost during the vapor compression cycle by increasing the compressor intake pressure.