A fit for road and rail: Japanese Bullet Trains now using DENSO quality Wiper Blades

18 January 2018 | Article

DENSO’s renowned Standard Blades are keeping windscreens clear for drivers across Japan’s high-speed train network.

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Japan’s bullet trains represent one of the most efficient and high-speed public transport services in the world. The high-speed trains on the Tokyo-Osaka route have reduced passenger travel times from four hours to two hours and 25 minutes, owing in part to their rapid top speeds of 320 km per hour. To reach these speeds safely, the bullet train engineers select the highest quality parts which will perform reliably under extreme stress. One such part is DENSO’s Standard Wiper Blade adapted for the bullet train to help ensure maximum visibility for drivers.

DENSO’s Bullet Train Blades

DENSO’s innovative Standard Blade technology helped make the model the wiper of choice for the bullet train. Fitting the bullet train’s unique windscreen, the DENSO blade features evenly-spaced contact points to ensure a clear, streak-free clean to the train’s windshield when travelling at slower speeds. The all-metal blade arm also aids in the durability of the blades, ensuring an extended lifetime under even the most extreme weather conditions.

Fatiha Laauich, Marketing Manager for DENSO UK and Eire said: “With our proven OE heritage, it’s no surprise that our wiper blade range has found applications outside of the automotive industry.

‘We pride ourselves on cutting-edge wiper blade technology, and the fact our Standard Blades can deliver superior cleaning for bullet trains is proof of the performance DENSO wiper blades provide for motorists.’

 Standard Blades Packaging

Aftermarket Range

DENSO’s wiper blade range currently covers 92.5% of the European car parc and is available for leading vehicle brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. Across the aftermarket range available to workshops are 3 main blade types: flat, standard and hybrid blades.

DENSO’s range of Standard Blades offer a selection of four advanced blade profiles to suit different windscreens and vehicle styles, four choices of installation systems and three clip options. Combining OE technology and aftermarket practicality, they offer an easy installation and are built to achieve high, reliable performance on almost any car.

To compliment the range and optimise vehicle coverage, DENSO also offers a range of Flat Blade wipers which are designed to deliver maximum windscreen contact and offer excellent visibility even in the coldest of weather conditions.

DENSO’s flagship Hybrid Blades are high performing, aesthetic and unobtrusive wiper blades for drivers. A rigid graphite coated rubber blade helps deliver a smooth, non-streak clean, whilst its advanced vertebrae supports superior surface-holding capabilities, ensuring a smooth wiper motion. Hybrid Blades ensure drivers will be safe on the roads, whilst being assured that their workshop stocks high performing products.

To find the most up to date Wiper Blade catalogue please visit the DENSO Aftermarket website: http://www.denso-am.co.uk/products/automotive-aftermarket/wiper-blade/denso-wiper-blades/

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