DENSO on ADAS: ‘There is no avoiding it!’

25 November 2019 | Article

What was once a new innovation, ADAS is now commonplace in new vehicle design – and will become mandatory on all new cars from 2021. While workshops may not be receiving overwhelming demand for ADAS-related work currently, they will in the future, and instead of batting it away to main dealers, technicians must prepare now to ensure they take advantage of this new and lucrative revenue stream.

What is most important for aftermarket technicians, according to DENSO Director of Independent Aftermarket Sales, Luca Govean, is that they gain an understanding of how ADAS systems operate and how repair and servicing work evolves with them.

He said: “An increase in ADAS-related work means workshops need to pay serious consideration to their floor space and equipment.

“Unlike when the industry transitioned into computer-controlled engine management systems and some technicians chose to concentrate solely on mechanical repairs, there will be no avoiding ADAS technology. Even a job as straightforward as a windscreen repair will become a specialist job, since the way that ADAS systems are tied into the windscreen means cameras and sensors will inevitably be disrupted, rendering safety systems inefficient.”

Not only are specialist calibration and diagnostics tools required to successfully service ADAS systems, the right training is also essential for technicians. Workshops may also need to ensure their business liability insurance is up-to-date, follow factory procedures and document work at every step.

DENSO has been helping to develop the latest safety technologies for more than 20 years and is behind some of the most innovative ADAS technologies, including the world’s first two-dimensional light detection and ranging system (LIDAR) in 1996. More than two decades ago, DENSO introduced a linear radar that scans an area in front of a vehicle horizontally to identify potential collision risks. Such technologies are becoming the norm in the aftermarket and presenting lucrative profit opportunities for workshops that have the skills, equipment, space and confidence to work on these systems.

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