Common Rail Components

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DENSO Diesel technology provides an effective solution for every generation of diesel engine – offering efficiency, performance, reliability and minimal emissions. This is demonstrated by DENSO Common Rail Systems which deliver the highest injection pressure in the world; resulting in low fuel consumption, low emissions and impressive performance without any compromise on quality. Originally designed for trucks and heavy good vehicles, diesel common rail systems consist of elements of high pressure pumps, ECUs and sensors to deliver maximum engine performance and reliability with a minimum level of noise and emissions. The world's first diesel common rail system was pioneered by DENSO.


DENSO supplies the following components:

  • Supply pumps - HP2, HP3, HP4
  • CR injectors - full range
  • SCV’s - supplied range for HP2 and HP3/HP4

Common rail fuel injection pump (supply pump)

The common rail type pump has been developed to meet strict exhaust gas regulations in the 21st century. This system consists of a supply pump, common rail, electronically controlled injectors, various sensors to detect the running condition of the engine and a computer (ECU) to control these devices. The supply pump is driven by the engine and produces high-pressure fuel. An injector is mounted on each cylinder of the engine and the high-pressure fuel from the supply pump is distributed to each injector by the common rail.

 Diesel Pioneers

At the forefront of Diesel technology, DENSO’s superior R&D investment has helped to pioneer increasingly efficient, powerful and reliable Diesel engines with minimal emissions.

Our achievements include:

  • 1995: DENSO pioneers the world’s first Diesel Common-Rail system.
  • 2002: DENSO introduces the world’s first 1800-bar Diesel Common Rail fuel system.
  • 2005: DENSO introduces the world’s first 1800-bar Diesel Common Rail fuel system with highly responsive Piezo Injectors, providing even better combustion performance.