Combination filters

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DENSO Combination Filters offer all of the blocking, electrostatic and nanofibre technologies of our Particle Filters; trapping almost 100% of dust, pollen and solid particles before they can be inhaled. But thanks to an additional, activated charcoal layer located inside the filtration material our Combination Filters offer an added advantage. The result is a cabin atmosphere that always stays fresh, pleasant and healthy to breathe.

Features & Benefits

  • OE quality: designed and manufactured to the same OE quality as used for new cars world-wide.
  • HVAC know-how: draw on DENSO's exceptional understanding of cabin air filter technology.
  • HVAC friendly: no drop in air pressure that could potentially damage a vehicle's HVAC systems.
  • Superior efficiency: help to keep the cabin free of condensation in colder conditions.
  • Super-fine filtration: up to five individual layers within the high quality, non-woven fleece material trap almost 100% of harmful pollutants, even particles as small as 0.01 micrometers.
  • High capacity dust holding chamber: keeps pollutants away from the vehicle interior.
  • Effective technology: added layer of activated carbon improves efficiency and eliminates odours.
  • Accurate fitting mechanisms: seal the filter to the housing, increasing filtration efficiency.

How they work

  • Removal by blocking – particles are prevented from entering the cabin by a close meshed, non-woven filter layer. Particles trapped are then deposited into the filter housing.
  • Removal by electrostatics – small particles with permanent or temporary charges are attracted and held back by electrostatic interaction.
  • Nanofibre coatings – A layer of fine fibres is spun into the filter media, preventing pressure drop.