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The DENSO difference

As the world’s number one OE developer of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, and the world’s second largest automotive components brand, DENSO has exceptional understanding of Cabin Air Filter technology.

Quality matters

Without effective cabin air filtration motorists and their passengers can be affected by a variety of potentially harmful air pollutants entering the comfort zone of their car. Pollutants can include dust, soot, pollen, noxious gases and abrasion particles from brakes and tyres. If not eliminated, these can affect eyes, nose and lungs –causing health problems, irritation and discomfort. Because DENSO Cabin Air Filters offer state-of-the-art, OE quality they address the problem of in-car pollution extremely effectively. They are also subject to our stringent quality control procedures at every stage of production. That not only means a more comfortable driving experience, but better protection against health hazards.

Superior Technology
DENSO’s understanding of HVAC systems means our Cabin Air Filters feature advanced filter technology to ensure a healthier in-car environment. The fleece material we use contains up to five individual layers which trap almost 100% of harmful pollutants and particles, holding them well away from the vehicle interior where they cannot be breathed in. DENSO filters have extremely accurate fitting mechanisms sealing the filter to the housing, increasing filtration efficiency. Their efficient design also protects the HVAC system, benefiting the health of every passenger, and people with allergies.

Particle and Combination filter technology
The DENSO programme includes both Particle Filters and Combination Filters. Our multi-layer filtration systems work to neutralize exhaust gases and other pollutants whilst trapping and holding pollen and dust particles, ensuring air reaching the cabin is clean and safe to breathe. Each air filter reference is individually designed to suit the needs of different vehicles types. What’s more, DENSO filters work without causing a drop in air pressure that could potentially damage a vehicle’s HVAC systems.