Diesel Fuel Filters

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Features and Benefits

  • Greater protection: Eliminates contaminates in fuel to protect your engine and provide better fuel economy.
  • OE quality: Manufactured to OE standards which includes stringent safety and performance testing.
  • Better filter performance: Denso's honeycomb arrangement filter element and thin material fibres guarantees higher filtration efficiency.
  • Longer life: Better dust holding capacity ensures a longer life of the filter.

How they work

The DENSO Diesel Fuel Filter removes impurities and water content, which is contained in the diesel fuel. This prevents the fuel from freezing and ensures that clean diesel fuel is delivered to the engine.


When to renew your filters?

Periodic replacement of the Diesel Fuel Filter will give an optimised engine performance and a decrease of Diesel Fuel consumption, and will also give an increase of the reliability of the Diesel engine.