Ignition Coils

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The DENSO Difference

In today’s low emission, high-efficiency engines the key to effective combustion is consistent, high-energy ignition output. The high voltage required for ignition is provided by the Ignition Coil – a type of transformer that features primary and secondary coils of wire wrapped in layers around an iron core. The role of the Ignition Coil is to transform the low voltage in a car’s battery into the thousands of volts which are used by the spark plug to generate sparking. These sparks ignite the air-fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber.

Features and Benefits

Small size, lightweight

  • Innovative, small-size driving circuit is integrated into the top of the coil
  • Cylindrical ignition coil can be installed in the plug hole, saving previously ‘dead’ space

Energy saving

  • The coil’s improved magnetic efficiency generates a high voltage faster

Highly reliable

  • Advanced design ensures reliable high temperature, suppresses noise and eliminates phantom misfires
  • Only superior materials are used for top quality and reliability

Easy to install

  • Integrated igniter eliminates the need for high tension ignition wires, so easier to install


  • Stick coil
  • Coil on Plug (COP) for dual spark in a distributor-less system


DENSO is a long-standing leader in direct ignition technology, working in close cooperation with vehicle manufacturers around the world. We developed the car industry’s first, compact, stick-type ignition coil. DENSO also pioneered micro-sized driver circuits and diagonal inductive windings for improved performance in a smaller space. These design breakthroughs, and others, feature in DENSO’s Ignition Coils for the aftermarket, ensuring reliable, efficient ignition performance on every journey.