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The DENSO Difference

Since introducing its first commercial automotive Starters in the early 1960s, DENSO has poured its world-leading engineering expertise into developing smaller, lighter units that can maintain the highest possible output. In 2001, for example, DENSO introduced the world’s first Planetary Reduction Segment Conductor Motor (PS) Starter featuring a square conductor in the armature coil. The PS starter was 22 percent lighter and 14 percent shorter than the Reduction A type (RA) Starter, delivering improved fuel efficiency and an easier fit.



  • High-speed motor with an improved deceleration ratio and a heatresistant electric wire reduces the size and weight of the motor.
  • Cold-forged spline reduces the size and weight of the magnetic switch
  • Improved anti-dust and waterproof capabilities.
  • Minimized friction and wear of the bearings.


A rectangular conductor and surface commutator in the armature, together with a magnet between the main electrodes of the yoke, reduces the size and weight of the starter. The damper unit combined with a high deceleration ratio further reduces starter size and reduces driving noise

Pinion Shift Starter

The pinion shift type is a system that transmits force from the motor directly to the ring gear. Representative examples of DENSO pinion shift starters are the G, and GA types.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% OE specification: for quality fit, appearance and service life
  • All ‘new in box’: no remanufactured units, no core surcharge or return policy
  • Maximum efficiency: small size, light weight and low noise, with highest output
  • Comprehensive applications list: unique Toyota coverage plus wide range of European marques
  • Advanced technologies: environmentally designed to perform in cold and hot weather conditions; maximum cranking torque under all conditions; full compatibility with sophisticated electronics systems.
  • Rigorous manufacturing and testing: meet highest standards of performance