The Green Spark Plug Ltd 

We have been customers of DENSO for the last 4 years and we are extremely happy with the range of products they offer. Their quality is one of the best in the automotive aftermarket with no returns for warranty received. We cannot recommend the service levels from technical to customer support highly enough and we look forward to a long and prosperous future together.

Thomas Green - The Green Spark Plug Ltd

Havant Motor Factors 
  • "I would just like thank you for coming in today and giving our sales team an informative and detailed technical overview of Denso and where they sit in the aftermarket. In our brief time of stocking Denso I have been pleased with how our customers have received the  product. With Denso being such a massive OE manufacturer it makes the brand so important when they receive an item with the Denso branding on the box. Being associated with Denso is definitely giving us some credibility with brand conscious customers. We hope we can grow our relationship with Denso and look forward to increasing our range as you bring more products to market.
    Thanks again for your time and professionalism."
    Paul Gibbs - Havant Motor Factors
 Alan Skuse Ltd
  • "We stock various products from across the DENSO range, these include: Lambda Sensors; Spark and Glow Plugs; Starters and Alternators; Cabin Blower Fans; and Wiper Blades.
    The quality of these products, along with the O.E pedigree, ensure unrivalled customer satisfaction and helps us in securing their repeat business.
    DENSO, as a company, make it easy and fuss free for us to deal with; they are interested in our business and along with technical assistance, stock packages and work outs with our sales force, they also are always highlighting new avenues for us to explore.
    With an ever increasing catalogue of their O.E parts being offered into the aftermarket, we can only see our partnership with them going from strength to strength."
    Chris Sandison - Alan Skuse Ltd
 Opie Oils
  • "Since taking on DENSO as a brand, Opie Oils have continued to grow sales to the point where we are one of the most successful online sellers. From the very start we have had excellent account management from Colin Davies which has continued with Waldemar Bach. I find Waldemar very attentive, provides excellent support and reacts to any issues promptly. Support from head office is very good, orders are dispatched quickly and arrive on time. My only criticism is the problems we had with credit limits which was resolved by us joining the UAN bureau. Prior to us been part of the bureau we often hit our credit limit, this then lead to delays on orders been dispatched.

    I would also like to see more promotional support offered to online sellers. Although the promotions are regular I would say they are often aimed at motor factors." Andrew Tuffery - Opie Oils

 Automotive Components SALOP
  • "As a business, we rely a lot on customer satisfaction, loyalty and repeat purchases and DENSO's OE pedigree helps us achieve this service level. It gives us the guarantee and the peace of mind that the parts that we are selling are of the highest standard.
    DENSO Lambda Sensors are a good example of high quality parts supplied by DENSO and they are very competitive. We also stock both Nicket TT and Iridium TT Spark Plugs which offer the perfect alternative to our customers looking for high quality products at a good price. The Rotating Electrics range is also really popular as there is no core surcharge since all units are brand new. We enjoy a good business relation with DENSO and we are happy that they are part of our product offering."
    Phil Clarke - Automotive Components SALOP
Derby Auto Electrical 
  • "Earlier this year we switched to Denso plugs for tier 1 supplier. Switching was a big decision - we were concerned how our customers would react as there is always a danger that they would demand the NGK option. In practise we have found our customers have been very accepting of the move to another OE supplier. Denso have provided alot of promotional and sell out support to help our customer conversion and it's all proved very succesful. Would definitely recommend looking at the Denso alternative - the swop was far easier than we expected."
    Tony Ross - Derby Auto Electrical
 A to Z Motorspares (SOT) Ltd Fenton
  • "As one of the longest established customer, we consider ourself veteran and advocate of DENSO products. We have received many offers from other parts manufacturers to switch our products but we always remained loyal to DENSO as the supplier has been one of the pillar of our business story. From our customers' point of view, DENSO is an original supplier of Spark Plugs and the Original Equipment quality, the research and development and the technology that is behind each part reflects positively on us, as a stockist. It is the reason why our customers come back and why we have maintained this business relationship with DENSO."

    Mr Nadeem - A to Z Motorspares (SOT) Ltd

 Electro Maintenance
  • "Our relationship with Denso grows every year. Through their constant new product development/introduction, competitive pricing and distributor support the Denso brand in Ireland continues to develop.
    Combined with strong account management, marketing support and special offers, the Denso brand not only retains its relevancy but also provides our customers with added value to their clients."
    David Sanfey – Electro Maintenance
  • We at Moffatts have been a DENSO stockist for nearly 30 years and, especially nowadays, the DENSO brand and quality does not need highlighting – it’s under the bonnet of most cars on our roads today.  Our sales have taken a real boost over the last 12 months and sales continue to grow. One of the reasons for this growth is fantastic DENSO offers for both customers and staff, a more proactive sales force from DENSO who really have helped us in terms of marketing, stock management and garage visits to really poush the products.                                                                                        Sajid Sange - Moffatts
ABC Auto Factors Ltd  

ABC Auto Factors has enjoyed a long and successful trading history with DENSO for well over 20 years.  DENSO’s continued growth as an OEM supplier has ensured that mechanics are increasingly aware that the components we are offering them are synonymous with quality.  The company’s ability to provide a portfolio of products that are of OE quality yet competitively priced has enabled us to easily compete in the fiercely driven marketplace we find ourselves today.  You would expect most OEM suppliers to excel in new product development but what we have been most impressed with is the importance DENSO has placed on new product development for the aftermarket; the introduction of the Twin Tip range of plugs is just one example that has been greatly received by our customers.  Colin Davies has played an influential role in strengthening our partnership further thus making DENSO one of our most important suppliers today; regular stock re-profiles, product awareness, staff training and increasing the product ranges stocked are just a few examples of how he has assisted the firm.  Finally, the marketing support offered by DENSO has been instrumental in enabling us to promote the brand and we look forward to growing our relationship even further in years to come.

Harminder Tawana - ABC Auto Factors Ltd